Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 3


I just completed Week 3 of the MAT. It's seems like the weeks are going by so fast. The past week I've been learning a lot of new techniques I can use in my classroom. We are currently building a wiki for our technology class. It's very stressful, but interesting at the same time. For my other classes, the topics are the same, but we're looking at it in a more in-depth way.

For our technology class, we were assigned to watch a documentary named "Digital Nation". This is a very interesting film. I didn't realize how much people use technology until I watched this. One of the pieces of the film that caught my attention was the chapter that dealt with students in Korea and their gaming addictions. I had never heard of any students who were so addicted to gaming that they had to go to rehab, and their grades began to suffer. It was also funny how the students are taught how to use the computer, while they are learning to read. In my opinion, I feel that's too early to introduce students to intense computer use. I find it very funny that people don't see the new generation as being really smart because of their extensive use of technology. I feel that the students are still smart as the previous generations, they just know how to work around the system.

My last thought about this video deals with virtual reality. I think it's really weird for people to do office work in a virtual setting. I understand that it helps with cost, due to the current state of the economy, but it's just not personal. I feel that you have the chance to learn more from others when you have to make face to face interactions. By using a virtual world, you're taking that away. I almost think it's weird. People are loosing the basic communication skills because of the internet.

Well, that's all for this week!

Friday, July 16, 2010

MAT Week 2

Hello Followers!!

This week has been quite busy, but beneficial. I was lucky to only have three days of class this week, but not lucky to have five days worth of homework assignments! :-( For my English methods class, we are beginning to spend a lot of time on lesson plans. I'm so thankful to already have some great background experience in creating them from my undergraduate literacy strategies class that I'm not stressed out about them. We are also reading one of our textbooks "In The Middle". It's a very interesting text that gives great instructions on how to teach writing in the classroom.

As far as my multicultural issues class, I'm receiving a great review on learning characteristics of minority students. I think this class is very helpful and anyone that wants to have a career in education needs to take it. It teaches you how to drop the biases of races and learn from them. In order for any student to learn, you have to be open minded. This class is making me become more aware of my surroundings and giving me the opportunity to learn from and about other minorities.

With technology, everything is so far so good. I'm very happy that we're already experimenting with cover letters. This will save me a lot of time in future by already having a layout. This week's assignment is also making me be proactive and update my resume.

The highlight of this week would have to be the Middle Level Institute training! I'm BLESSED that I was able to attend. I attended a session that dealt with classroom management, effective instruction, and student motivation. The speaker, Mike McLeod, kept my attention the entire time. He made me very excited about the upcoming school year and my first year of teaching, as well. He taught the group the importance of implementing procedures, and meaning what you say and say what you mean. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, PLEASE DO!! It's worth the time.

That's all for this week and have a great weekend,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

1st Week of MAT

I'm still in shock that I just finished my first week of graduate level classes. It feels as if my summer break just flew right bye. Looking back on the past week, it doesn't come close to what I expected it to be. Before starting, I thought all of my classes would be long lectures that wouldn't keep my attention. I was very shocked that my classes have kept my attention, but I'm not shocked about the workload that has come with it! :-(

My first class begins at 7:30 am which is pretty terrible, but I have to remind myself that I'm going to be a teacher and classes begin at 8:00am. It's kind of good to go ahead and get into the habit of waking up early. I really enjoy my English Methods class. I've learned some great skills to use in the classroom, as well as, activities that will be great to use on the first day of school. I think my English Methods class took the highlight of the week with our field trip to Barnes and Noble. I really enjoyed getting a chance to have a "speed dating" workshop on YA literature. It didn't hurt that I had a chance to purchase some books.

My multicultural issues class has enlighten me on a lot of things. Being a minority, I'm able to relate to the readings. I'm also able to see statistical data that backs up all of the authors information. I can't wait to learn more about the importance of making minorities feel included in the classroom.

My last class deals with technology. I'm glad that this class is apart of our degree program. I'm very challenged when it comes to technology. I'm excited to learn everything that will help make me classroom a success!

Until next week,