Sunday, July 11, 2010

1st Week of MAT

I'm still in shock that I just finished my first week of graduate level classes. It feels as if my summer break just flew right bye. Looking back on the past week, it doesn't come close to what I expected it to be. Before starting, I thought all of my classes would be long lectures that wouldn't keep my attention. I was very shocked that my classes have kept my attention, but I'm not shocked about the workload that has come with it! :-(

My first class begins at 7:30 am which is pretty terrible, but I have to remind myself that I'm going to be a teacher and classes begin at 8:00am. It's kind of good to go ahead and get into the habit of waking up early. I really enjoy my English Methods class. I've learned some great skills to use in the classroom, as well as, activities that will be great to use on the first day of school. I think my English Methods class took the highlight of the week with our field trip to Barnes and Noble. I really enjoyed getting a chance to have a "speed dating" workshop on YA literature. It didn't hurt that I had a chance to purchase some books.

My multicultural issues class has enlighten me on a lot of things. Being a minority, I'm able to relate to the readings. I'm also able to see statistical data that backs up all of the authors information. I can't wait to learn more about the importance of making minorities feel included in the classroom.

My last class deals with technology. I'm glad that this class is apart of our degree program. I'm very challenged when it comes to technology. I'm excited to learn everything that will help make me classroom a success!

Until next week,

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  1. Hi Aterra,

    I enjoyed reading your reflection, and I am excited to hear that you are enjoying your classes.

    I bet B & N field trip was fun. I love going to the bookstore.